Imako® Pink Fitting Material – Fake Gums

Low-melt thermoplastic fitting material, gum color. Optional. A sufficient amount is in the kit. Ships Free.



This material adds an extra dimension to your smile enhancement journey. It’s a testament to our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that go beyond the norm. While not a mandatory component of the fitting process, it grants you the freedom to personalize and address specific dental needs, showcasing our dedication to your satisfaction.

Our raw low-melt thermoplastic fitting material embodies our pursuit of excellence. As part of our promise to enhance your experience, we’re delighted to offer free shipping with every purchase of the Imako® Kit, making your journey towards a confident smile even smoother.

Elevate your smile journey with the Imako® Kit – a harmonious blend of innovation and aesthetics that empowers you to curate the smile you’ve always desired. Choose Imako®, and choose a smile transformation that reflects your individuality. Your path to a more confident you starts today.


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