Imako® Moldable Fitting Beads – Use for any Fake Teeth

Raw material low-melt thermoplastic. Use for a lot of tooth loss: stiffen places where teeth are missing. Optional, enough for 3-4 missing teeth is already in the kit. Ships Free.



Engineered to cater to a range of tooth loss scenarios, our kit serves as a reliable solution to enhance your smile’s aesthetics. By strategically utilizing the power of low-melt thermoplastic, you can effortlessly reinforce and stabilize areas where teeth are absent. This transformative process not only revitalizes your smile’s appearance but also empowers you to regain your self-assurance.

Within this comprehensive kit, you’ll find an optional inclusion that’s designed to exceed your expectations. With enough material to effectively address 3-4 missing teeth, your journey towards a revitalized smile is already well on its way. We believe in providing you with the tools you need to achieve your desired results, all in a single, convenient package.

To add to the appeal, we’re delighted to offer you a hassle-free shipping experience. With every purchase of the Imako Cosmetic Teeth Kit, enjoy the added benefit of free shipping, making your journey towards a confident smile even more convenient and rewarding.

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