Imako® Tooth Tinted Plastic – Temporary Tooth Material – Bond Chipped Tooth & Fix Gaps in Teeth

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Tooth-color thermoplastic fitting material. You can use this in place of a missing tooth, a chipped tooth, and gaps between teeth. It is tinted with food-safe pigment. It can be melted, shaped and even polished with a wet finger. Fit in just minutes!



Our tooth-color tinted low-melt thermoplastic fitting material offers an ingenious solution to align your tooth seamlessly with the rest of your smile. Works great to fix chipped teeth or gaps in teeth.

Crafted for safety and natural appeal, this material is infused with food-safe pigment, ensuring a confident and healthy smile transformation. Its versatility allows you to mold, shape, and polish with ease, giving you complete control over your smile’s enhancement.

Please note that we don’t offer lower Imako Teeth to prevent potential damage to your natural teeth. Our focus remains on providing a holistic solution that harmonizes aesthetics and dental well-being.

Plus, enjoy the added benefit of free shipping with every purchase of the Imako Cosmetic Teeth Kit – a commitment to a confident, captivating smile that’s both hassle-free and exceptional. Elevate your smile today!

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5 reviews for Imako® Tooth Tinted Plastic – Temporary Tooth Material – Bond Chipped Tooth & Fix Gaps in Teeth

  1. Joseph

    Chipped my tooth playing basketball. Came across this product on Amazon and for under $10 gave it a chance. Couldn’t be more pleased with how easy and realistic my tooth looks. Using this until I can permanently fix my tooth.

  2. Samantha

    Love this product! Very easy installation compared to other products I’ve tried.

  3. Megan F.

    I don’t typically leave reviews, but for anyone who may be skeptical like I was, BUY THIS PRODUCT! After struggling with a gap in my smile for years due to a ski accident, I am so relieved to have found a product that finally does what it says it will. Easy to use, comfortable in my mouth, and looks natural. 10/10 product

  4. Francis

    Went to the dentist for my missing tooth and they said it would cost almost $1000 for a fake tooth! Can’t afford that right now, thankfully I came across this product which is a great solution for now. Would definitely recommend

  5. Dominic

    Saw this on Amazon and figured I’d give it a try. Been struggling with a large gap between my front teeth and can’t afford to get braces. This actually ended up working way better than I expected and my friends were shocked that it was such a cheap solution. Will definitely use this for when I go out for special occasions and want to smile worry free

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